EDFI AgriFI Financing facility


An opportunity has arisen to access funding from the EDFI AgriFI Facility under the European Development Financing Institutions (EDFI). EDFI AgriFI operates in developing countries and is affiliated to organisations of African Caribbean and Pacific States (OAPS).

Key impact targets for EDFI are the numbers of smallholder famers impacted, increase in agricultural production, net direct jobs created, increase in smallholder farmers, and increase on areas under sustainable cultivation.

EDFI AgriFI invests through the following types of investees:
  • Impact funds: targeted to lower maturity investees like producer organisations
  • Financial institutions: aimed at Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI) providing services which improve smallholders financial inclusion
  • High potential SMEs: reinforcing the agriculture value chain involved in production, aggregation, processing, distribution with strong smallholder inclusiveness

For more information on the facility visit https://www.agrifi.eu/

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