Country Profile

Country Profile
Malawi is a land-linked country covering 118,500 square meters. The country is surrounded by huge markets on all its fronts, with Mozambique offering a population of 24 million people on the east and southwest, Tanzania with over 50 million people on the north and northeast, and Zambia 16 million people on the west and northwest.

Just beyond this country there are other huge countries such as Zimbabwe which has a population of 16 million and Democratic Republic of Congo with population of over 70 million.

All these countries are either members of SADC and COMESA to which Malawi exports manufactured products duty-free as long as they comply with a pre-stipulated minimum of local content.
Malawi thus is a hub of production that conveniently directly interfaces three market fronts with a total population of over 100 million people, and indirectly to a market of (Zimbabwe and DRC) within 2-12 hours.
The country is blessed with vast natural resources and it enjoys vast tracts of beautiful natural scenery including game reserves and sandy beaches along the beautiful Lake Malawi.
Lake Malawi is one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world and holds the most diverse number of fish species in one single body - over 800 species.

Democratic principles are firmly engrained in the country; since its independence in 1964, the country has never suffered a civil war and its political leaders have come to power through a democratic electoral process.
Free-market principles are also firmly engrained and successive Governments have continued to open up and liberalize Malawi’s economy.

Quick Facts about Malawi

              Capital       :


         Population       :

17,563,749  million   (2018)

                 Area        :

118,500 sq km (45,747 sq miles)

Major languages        :

English, Chichewa (both official)

  Major religions        :

Christianity, Islam

           Currency        :

Malawi kwacha

                 GDP         :

$6.2  billion   (2017)

      GDP growth         :

4.0%     (2017)

            Climate         :

Warm-wet season: November – April

Cool-dry winter season: May - August

Hot-dry season: September - October   


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