Parliamentarians Embrace Special Economic Zones for Sustainable Development


The members of the Trade, Industry, and Tourism Committee of Parliament, alongside the Media, Information, and Communication Committee, have heralded the implementation of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) by the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC), recently endorsed by the President. Their enthusiasm for this economic initiative was evident during a tour of the 417 hectares of land at Magwero Industrial Park, where MITC management showcased the site's potential and outlined forthcoming economic developments.

Susan Dossi, the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Committees, expressed satisfaction with the progress, emphasizing the significance of SEZs in achieving Malawi's self-reliance goals outlined in the Vision 2063 blueprint. "As members of Parliament, we were previously only acquainted with the concept of SEZs. Now, having seen the allocated land, we are fully supportive of this endeavor and eagerly anticipate the commencement of development," stated Dossi.

CEO of Malawi Investment and Trade Centre, Paul Kwengwere, affirmed that plans to initiate development in the SEZs are well underway, with compensation payments for families relocated from the Magwero area commencing imminently. Collaboration between the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Lands, and the Office of the President has ensured swift disbursement of compensation funds to affected families.

"We have already commenced infrastructure development at the Chigumula industrial site, one of the designated SEZs in Blantyre, with water supply installations in progress and road construction underway," Kwengwere disclosed.

The four earmarked areas for SEZs—Magwero Industrial Park in Lilongwe, Dunduzu in Mzuzu, Chigumula, and Matindi in Blantyre—are poised to revolutionize Malawi's economic landscape. These industrial parks are expected to bolster foreign and local trade, thus generating much-needed foreign exchange reserves for the nation's economic stability and growth.

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