Exporting to China is now possible

Exports to China

The general public is hereby being notified that the General Administration of Customs in China has approved the following companies to export their respective products to The People's Republic of China:
  • ADMARC - Dried beans
  • Victoria Investments - Macadamia Nuts
  • Van Rees Limited - Tea
  • Lujeri Tea Estates Limited - Tea
  • Naming'omba Tea Estate - Tea
  • Perisha Agro and Packaging Enterprise - Dried Beans
  • Easten Produce Malawi Limited - Tea
  • James Finlay Blantyre LImited - Tea
  • Kawalazi Estate Co Limited - Tea
  • Makandi Tea and Coffee Estate - Tea and Coffee
  • Paramount Holdings Limited - Soya Beans
MITC continues to seek approval for the rest of the exporters to have access to the Chinese market.

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