Malawi in Brief

Malawi is a safe, sensible and profitable free market economy, strategically located between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is well positioned to act as your global export base in an increasingly competitive market, where access to raw materials and time to market is crucial in maintaining a global chain supply.

Market access from Malawi is guaranteed as the country is signatory to a number of agreements that ensure duty free access into regional and international markets.

Malawi’s low cost of doing business is a notable asset particularly when con sidering labor costs. There is very little crime and the small size of the nation makes doing business a friendly, relationship driven experience.

Market Access

Malawi is party to a number of regional and international trade agreements that has proved to be enormous benefits to new and existing investors

  • SADC
  • AGOA

Quick Facts about Malawi

              Capital       :


         Population       :

18    million   (2017)

                 Area        :

118,484 sq km (45,747 sq miles)

Major languages        :

English, Chichewa (both official)

  Major religions        :

Christianity, Islam

           Currency        :

Malawi kwacha

                 GDP         :

$6.2  billion   (2017)

      GDP growth         :

4.0%     (2017)

            Climate         :

Warm-wet season: November – April

Cool-dry winter season: May - August

Hot-dry season: September - October   


Mission & Vision

To make Malawi an attractive destination for business

To promote and facilitate sustainable inclusive and transformative investment and trade in Malawi

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