Malawi has good infrastructure facilities to facilitate ease in business operational activities. These include reasonably priced and reliable utilities, road networks, reliable courier services, modern banking facilities and insurance facilities.

Water Utility
The major five water boards in Malawi; Blantyre Water Board, Southern Region Water Board, Lilongwe Water Board, Central Region Water Board and Northern Region Water Board provide reliable water supply to businesses and households. Water in Malawi is affordable.

Electricity Supply
The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi- ESCOM provides power supply for major business users and all others including household electricity needs.

The Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) offers a wide range of information and communication technology (ICT) based products together with other private companies including Airtel, TNM and Access communications limited.

Malawi is investing substantially in road transport network. Malawi handles more than 70% of internal freight traffic and 99% of passengers’ traffic. The road network in Malawi is composed of 15,451 KM.

Mission & Vision

To make Malawi an attractive destination for business

To promote and facilitate sustainable inclusive and transformative investment and trade in Malawi

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