Quick Facts

Currency                       Malawi Kwacha

GDP                             $6.2 billion (2017)

GDP Growth                 4.0% (2017)

Inflation                       7.8% (February 2018)

Source: World Bank, IMF, NSO

Economic Climate

Malawi’s main trade is in the agriculture sector which employs more than 80 percent of the population and generates over 60 percent of export revenue. The commonly grown and trading crops are tobacco (which claims over 50 percent of total export), tea, cotton, sugar, edible fruits and vegetables, coffee, plastics, wood products oil seeds and ores.

Other emerging economic sectors are agro-processing, mining and energy, manufacturing, services and tourism. To enhance the development of these sectors, the government has resolved to promote private sector participation and polish the business environment.

The Government of Malawi has embarked on a thrust to further diversify the economy by inviting both local and foreign investors to take advantage of available investment opportunities within the country’s non-agriculture sectors.

Mission & Vision

To make Malawi an attractive destination for business

To promote and facilitate sustainable inclusive and transformative investment and trade in Malawi

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