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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 20:33
Procurement Reference No.: MITC/PU/EO/MIF2017                              Issue Date: 21st July, 2017
The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) has budgeted funds and intends to apply the cost of organizing its third Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) which will run from 7th to 8thNovember, 2017.
The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) is a Government parastatal company that is mandated by the Investment and Export Promotion Act of 2012 to promote investment and exports in Malawi. The Centre employs various strategies in order to achieve this goal, including investment forums, as a tool to present Malawi as a prospective investment destination to investors, and to foster business linkages for joint venture partnerships. Thus, it has pleased the Government of the Republic of Malawi - through MITC - to organize its third Malawi Investment Forum (MIF).
Objective of the assignment
  1. The successful bidder will manage all aspects necessary for achieving a successful, highly professional and smoothly coordinated international investment forum in Malawi.
  2. The Events Organizer will provide leadership with regard to the format and execution of the accreditation and registration process so that it is streamlined and efficiently executed within the shortest times possible
  3. Provide leadership and logistical coordination services at the forum to ensure that there is smooth implementation of activities and to ensure that the enabling environment is provided for the maximization of the objectives of the forum
It is against this background that MITC would like to engage a consultancy firm or a competent experienced event organiser to organise the Malawi Investment forum in Lilongwe, Malawi.
Request for Proposal Details
A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be obtained at Malawi Investment and Trade Centre Aquarius House, Convention Drive, 1st Floor, East Wing, Lilongwe, Tel: 01 771 315or kindly send an electronic mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it obtain a copy.
Proposal Submission Details
Proposals must be delivered and deposited in the Tender Box at Malawi Investment and Trade Centre Aquarius House, Convention Drive, 1st Floor, East Wing, Lilongwe in hard copies, one marked “ORIGINAL” and One Copy marked “DUPLICATE”. Technical and Financial proposals should be contained in separate envelops with name of the consulting firm/ individual and the Title of the project clearly written on the envelopes. The deadline for submission is 14:00hrs local time, Monday 21stAugust, 2017.
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:55

The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) is a Statutory Corporation established by the Investment and Export Promotion Act of 2012.  It is mandated to attract, promote, encourage and facilitate investment in all sectors of our economy and to promote and facilitate exports of goods and services produced in Malawi. MITC plays an active role in fast tracking and improving the ease and reducing the cost of doing business in Malawi for both new and existing companies by offering efficient and reliable one stop services to the business community through its One Stop Service Centre.
MITC strives to promote a workforce that is exposed to all aspects of investment and export promotion. This being a specialist function MITC launched an internship program in early 2015 with an aim of according Malawian fresh graduates the opportunity to work at MITC for a period of six months.
In furtherance of this program, MITC invites applications from recent University graduates for a six months Internship. Graduates from the following disciplines are invited:
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
Applicants will have graduated from reputable and accredited institutions with an age limit of 25 years.
Interested applicants should forward their applications by 31St July 2017, enclosing /attaching copies of certificates and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae with names of three (3) traceable referees to;

The Chief Executive Officer,
Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC),
East Wing Aquarius House,
Private Bag 302,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Export Markets
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 07:15

MITC Unveils Export Markets for Malawian products


The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre(MITC) says it will unveil export markets for Malawian products during this year's Malawi International Trade Fair. According to MITC's Public Relations Manager, Deliby Chimbalu MITC has organized a seminar to disseminate information on available markets for Malawian products.

'Recently, the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) has been attending and facilitating SMEs participation of international trade fairs with an aim of promoting Malawian products on the international market. And out of those fairs we have identified potential markets in India, Dubai, Botswana and Zimbabwe and we would like to share this information with the private sector', explained Chimbalu.

Chimbalu further says the participants to this seminar will also take advantage of the meeting to discuss areas of concern as far as export markets are concerned. The meeting will also accord exporters, cooperatives, farmers and local financiers a platform to network and maybe initiate partnerships to supply these markets.
Apart from the Blantyre seminar similar meetings are also scheduled for Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Meanwhile, MITC is facilitating a trade mission to Tete, Mozambique for the same reason of finding export markets for Malawian products. The Tete trade mission is scheduled for June which will coincide with another trade fair in Tete.

Agra Convention and Exhibition
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 07:58

Malawi hunting for new markets

Malawi is expected to promote its agricultural products in the Middle East through the Agra Middle East (AgraME) Dubai International Convention and Exhibition to be held next month.

AgraME is a distinguished trade show and conference focused on agriculture and agri-business for the Middle East region.

In addition to the exhibition, a one-day conference will also be running concurrently and will discuss two main topics thus water management for farms and biosecurity policies and practices, both of which are highly relevant to the Malawian context.

The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (Mitc) is organising participation of the event and has hence said, the event is important as it specifically focuses on agriculture which is Malawi's key priority in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS II) and the National Export Strategy (NES) aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth.

Mitc Publicist, Deliby Chimbalu, said Malawi's participation will go a long way in promoting Malawi agriculture for export to the region and beyond.

"By participating in this fair, the Malawi delegation will be able to implement the valuable lessons learnt from the India Conclave that took place in March, 2017 at AgraME to create even more momentum for the agricultural sector in Malawi.

"Mitc has chosen to attend the AgraME trade fair in Dubai because it provides exposure to Malawian agricultural products to a market that is ripe for export. As a global procurement hub, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) imports almost all of its agricultural products, as do many other countries in the Middle East," Chimbalu said.

She said compared to other trade partners with the UAE, Malawi is still looking to break into that market.

"These products include vegetables, meats, seed cake, coffee, tea, sugar, and oils, among others," she said.

Chimbalu further said, Emirates freighter planes provide weekly direct access between Lilongwe and Dubai which enables the safe shipment of perishable goods.


Malawi India Business Meet
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 09:22

Malawi-India business meet 

In a bid to unlock serious and huge investments in the energy sector, the Malawi government intends to introduce tax holidays for those vying for business ventures in the country.

The promissory bid comes amid the energy crisis that is besetting the country, particularly the unstoppable blackouts that has been paralyzing business ventures for almost a year.

The tax incentives announcement was made by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. It comes on the heels of the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) successful hosting of the first ever Malawi-India business meet on Friday, March 17 in the capital Lilongwe.

The forum attracted over 250 business men and women drawn locally and from Indian. It focused on energy, agro-processing, irrigation, health, and manufacturing sectors.

The business meet aimed at cementing and providing an indicative opportunity for economic empowerment between local traders and their counterparts from India, to tap business management skills from each other.

The Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Bright Msaka Msaka, told the gathering that with the lowering of the country's inflation rate pegged at 18.2 per cent, it was necessary for government to introduce tax incentives in the energy sector so as to attract more foreign investors into the country.

Msaka disclosed that the tax incentives will be in the form of tax holidays, duty-free on energy sector equipment, among others.

The Energy Minister added that the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is working on modalities for the implementation of the initiatives in its next national fiscal plan.

"We have made our case clear that the serious investors in the energy sector, should come in with their resources as some tax incentives are put forward for them. Huge energy investments will attract tax holidays for particular years.

"The energy sector is the backbone of economic development for any nation. This is the reason we are leaving no stone unturned so as to avert the energy crisis as we depend on hydro power to generate the much needed electricity," Msaka said.

Echoing on the same, Joseph Mwanamveka, Trade Minister assured investors of total security when wanting to venture into business in the country.

In his remarks, Suresh Kumar Menon, Indian High Commissioner to Malawi expressed gratitude over the meeting with the launched of Indian Business Handbook that contains various businesses happening in both two nations.

Indian Commissioner Menon assured total commitment on his country to support for Indian companies to participate in its growth and development.

According to the International Trade Centre (ITC) Malawi's exports to India rose from US$31,740,000 in 2014 to US$67, 552,000 in 2015 representing 6.3 per cent of Malawi's exports.

On the other hand, Malawi's import from India declined from US$243,177, 000 in 2014 to US$177, 752, 000 in 2015, leaving Malawi-India gap at –US4110, 202, 000 in 2015.

Source: Maravi Post 

India Business Summit
Thursday, 02 March 2017 09:49

Malawi to attend 12th annual CII-Exim Bank Africa Project Conclave in India

Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC), is leading the Malawi Delegation to the 12th annual CII-Exim Bank Africa Project Conclave to be held in New Delhi, India on 9-10 March. The Conclave is an annual event that brings together business and government leaders from India and Africa to discuss policy and investment opportunities. The Conclave is the most important event for building partnerships and enhancing economic engagement between the two regions and has given new strategic direction to India-Africa economic relations.

The Malawi delegation consist both government and private sector actors from over 10 different institutions and companies. The Malawi Delegation will promote Malawian goods for export at its exhibition booth and will also promote business projects for investment. During past Conclave's more than 2,500 projects from all across the African continent worth USD 256.63 billion have been discussed for investment.

Meanwhile, MITC and the India High Commission in Malawi are organizing a Malawi-India Business Meet scheduled for 17 March, 2017 in Lilongwe. The forum will catalyze the excitement and business opportunities surrounding the Malawi-India partnership.

Malawi and India have overtime enjoyed an increasingly cordial business and diplomatic working relationship. According to the International Trade Centre, Malawi's exports to India rose from US$31,740,000 in 2014 to US$67,552,000 in 2015, which represents 6.3% of Malawi's exports. On the other hand, Malawi's imports from India declined from US$243, 177,000 in 2014 to US$177,752, 000 in 2015. Hence the trade gap for Malawi-India in 2015 stood at -US$110,202,000.

Tete Market
Thursday, 02 March 2017 09:47

                                           Malawi products on demand in Tete, Mozambique

There is a growing demand for Malawian products in Tete, Mozambique. This is according to research done by Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) under the Enhanced Integrated framework (EIF) project in the area. Malawian Products such as Sobo Squash and Soya pieces are a common sight in Tete. Although these are found in the area through informal trade, the demand for the products is huge. 

Consul General for Malawi Tete Consulate, Wilson Moleni, has disclosed that there is need to formalize the trading of these products for the benefit of Malawi and Mozambican economies.

"with what we have found here in Tete about Malawi products we want now to create market linkages between the Malawi product manufacturers and the Mozambican outlets here so that the products have a proper channel of entering into Mozambique other than using informal routes as it is the case at the moment", explained Moleni.

He further said that there is one supermarket that is willing to stock Malawian alcoholic beverages like Malawi Gin, Malawi Vodka and Malawi Brandy. Moleni expressed optimism that through the EIF project that is being implemented by the government of Malawi through MITC, his office in Tete will facilitate the penetration on Malawian products into the Mozambican market and other markets along the Nacala corridor.

The Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is a joint initiative of the World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), International Trade Centre (ITC) and the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) aimed at addressing trade-related development challenges for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

In Malawi, the EIF is supporting the implementation of the Support to Agro-Processing Special Economic Zone Roadmap and Promotion of Value-added Exports Project and Promotion of Smallholder Farmer Linkages to Agro-processors through the Anchor Farm Model Project.

President Mutharika Opens Malawi-China Investment Forum
Friday, 24 June 2016 07:22

Malawi-China Investment Forum

Malawi's transition from aid to trade demands massive industrialization drive which should be underlined by building capacity among local investors and courting foreign investors into the economy, says President Arthur Peter Mutharika. He was speaking in Lilongwe on Tuesday when he opened the Malawi-China Investment Forum.

"We have a broader investment agenda because we are broadening and diversifying the sources of our economy. We are moving Malawi from a consuming and importing economy to a producing and exporting economy. Therefore, you have come at the right time in our history, " said the President.

He added, "Moving Malawi from aid to trade demands that we must be producing and exporting in several sectors. We are therefore inviting direct investment in agriculture and agro-processing, energy, mining, ICT, tourism, infrastructure and manufacturing, and many more."

President Mutharika reiterated the importance of the private sector in achieving the investment goal. "Our policy on the private sector is clear. We believe that the private sector is the driver of economic development in this country. We believe that foreign and domestic investment is the engine of economic development. We are focusing on developing the private sector in order to create more jobs for our people, " he said.

He assured both local and foreign investors of his government's commitment to create a conducive business environment through economic, administrative, legislative and regulatory reforms.

The event which had been convened under the theme "Fostering Production Capacity Cooperation between Malawi and Anhui Province of China" brought about 100 investors from Anhui Province of China and 250 local businesses.

Areas of focus during the event were Industry, Agriculture, Agro-Processing and Education.

Leader of the Chinese delegation, Song Weiping, hopes the forum will bear fruits that will trickle down to the population through job creation and spin-off small and medium ventures. Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Shi-Ting Wang, said the cooperation between the two countries aims at achieving win-win outcomes for both populations through trade and cultural exchanges. He added that investment is the best way to go for Malawi than donations.

The forum is one of the best interventions by Malawi to boost exports to China in a trading regime where there is a huge trade imbalance between the two countries.
As of last year's stats Malawi exported goods and services valued at $55 million which only represents 5. 2 percent of total exports. On the other hand the country imported from China goods and services worth $303 million imports from China.

Anhui Province - which has a population of 70 million - has a gross domestic product (GDP) estimate that stands at $350 billion dollars which is the same as that of South Africa.

The province has vibrant industries in Automobile, Mechanics and Agro-processing among others.

Chinese Investors impressed with Malawi
Friday, 24 June 2016 07:09

Salima GBI Projects Impress Chinese Investors

By Kondwani Magombo
The visiting Chinese investors have described the imposing sugar factory and fruit production venture, Malawi Mangoes, in Salima, as evidence of the country's potential for investment.

Director General of Agriculture for the Province of Anhui, China, Zhou Shiqi, made the remarks on Wednesday in Salima after the delegation toured the two projects to appreciate the viability of agro-based investment under irrigation.

Zhou said with what his delegation had seen in Salima, investors from his province in China would highly be interested to invest in the country's agri-business.

"We are very impressed with the abundant opportunities the country has in various sectors including irrigation and with our technical expertise, human resources and equipment, we can turn around the country's economy through investing in such areas," explained Zhou.

He said the Anhui Province is endowed with agricultural investors who would be more than interested to come to Malawi for investment in the sector.

Commenting on the tour, Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) Director of Investment Promotion and Facilitation, Joshua Nthakomwa, hailed the tour saying it had been worthwhile and that it would soon yield results.

He disclosed that the Chinese investors had also shown interest in the education sector especially the development of technical colleges.
"We are very optimistic that with the impression they are taking back home to Anhui Province, the investors will sit down and strategize on way forward," explained Mthakomwa.

The tour came after President Prof. Peter Mutharika, launched the Malawi-China Investment Forum in Lilongwe on Tuesday where over 300 business captains from Malawi and China's Anhui Province met to discuss business deals.

Other than touring the Salima Sugar Factory and the banana/mangoes plantations and the water source, the delegation also toured Malawi Mangoes Fruit Processing plant in Salima before retiring to Senga-bay for lunch.

Malawi-China Investment Forum
Monday, 13 June 2016 11:22

The Governments of the Republic of Malawi and People's Republic of China have organized the Malawi-China Investment Forum. The forum will host a delegation of over 100 Chinese investors from China's Anhui Province mostly in agriculture and agro-processing, industry/manufacturing and education sectors.

Speaking to members of the press in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Clement Kumbemba said the forum presents a unique opportunity for Malawi to sell its investment opportunities to Chinese Investors.

'We are seeking the possibility of transformational Chinese investment in Malawi through this forum. We want to empower Malawian entrepreneurs through possible ventures with Chinese counterparts while intensifying the government and business relations between the two countries', said Kumbemba.

Malawi and China enjoy an increasingly cordial business and working relationship. According to the International Trade Centre, Malawi exported goods and services worth US$55,874,000 to China in 2015, which represents 5.2% of Malawi's exports. In the same year, Malawi imported goods and services worth US$303,819,000 from China.

Although the trade gap may seem to be wide, China has been making deliberate moves to reduce this gap through such approaches as:

1. Empowering Malawians through various training programs in China so that they are able to develop appropriate concepts and strategies that would propel Malawi's growth
2. Encouraging Chinese companies to come and invest in Malawi in order to achieve import substitution and export-oriented-ness
3. Supporting Malawi develop her productive infrastructure necessary for growth.

The Malawi-China Business forum will be held on the 21st June, 2016 in Lilongwe at Golden Peacock Hotel. It is expected that the State President His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will officially open the forum.