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Export Markets
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 07:15

MITC Unveils Export Markets for Malawian products


The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre(MITC) says it will unveil export markets for Malawian products during this year's Malawi International Trade Fair. According to MITC's Public Relations Manager, Deliby Chimbalu MITC has organized a seminar to disseminate information on available markets for Malawian products.

'Recently, the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) has been attending and facilitating SMEs participation of international trade fairs with an aim of promoting Malawian products on the international market. And out of those fairs we have identified potential markets in India, Dubai, Botswana and Zimbabwe and we would like to share this information with the private sector', explained Chimbalu.

Chimbalu further says the participants to this seminar will also take advantage of the meeting to discuss areas of concern as far as export markets are concerned. The meeting will also accord exporters, cooperatives, farmers and local financiers a platform to network and maybe initiate partnerships to supply these markets.
Apart from the Blantyre seminar similar meetings are also scheduled for Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Meanwhile, MITC is facilitating a trade mission to Tete, Mozambique for the same reason of finding export markets for Malawian products. The Tete trade mission is scheduled for June which will coincide with another trade fair in Tete.